Expensive legal bills, Solicitors billable hours, costs assessment and bankruptcy. Unpaid invoices and being sued. Employee complaints in Fairwork. These words sound familiar to many small businesses. Are you one of them?

We dedicate round the clock legal services by a dedicated Lawyer to take care of all your legal needs when you want it and how you want it. We don’t provide machine created standard templates, we provide real lawyers to draft your documents or vet your already created documents. Our lawyers will do legal work for you instead of just talking to you over the phone.

Welcome to LAWBANK. Your partners for bringing you access to justice and Lawyers without spending money on Lawyers billable hours. LAWBANK is here to revolutionise and provide access to lawyers and legal representation.

Agreement for supply of goods and services
Casual employment agreement
Confidentiality clause
Confidentility Deed
Contract for sale of shares - Concise
Contract for sale of shares - Extensive
Director guarantee
Executive employment agreement
Franchise agreement
Incorporated joint venture
Info sheet for franchisees
joint venture agreement
Limited partnership agreement
Model disclosure document for franchisee
Option to purchase shares
Partnership agreement
Power of Attorney
Project management agreement
Service agreement
Shareholders agreement - Concise
Shareholders agreement - Extensive
Standard employment agreement
Section 141 Corporations Act
Registration of partnership guide for forms
Common legal matters faced by small and medium businesses
  • Agreements and Contracts drafting, leasing and other issues etc
  • Disputes by employees
  • ATO Debts
  • Non-payment of monies by trade debtors (debt recovery)
  • Being sued by Creditors
Our Legal Protection Plan extends to Owners of small businesses as well. Typically, this may involve situations like acting where you may have provided personal guarantee to the landlord of a business premises etc.
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Great experience
I had a criminal case and was nearly finishing my contract with my job and that was when I realized my solicitors has sent me a bill for 3000$ and I dont know what to do, thats when I found lawbank. Not only did I esacpe with no conviction I also save money with lawbank. My lawyer was excellent. I would recommend lawbank for everyone.
Mandeep Kaur
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Good Job
After 5 years of separation, my ex-wife suddenly sent me a legal notice asking for half of mine properties particular when I lost my job and had no means of income. I went to a solicitors firm who asked me to put 3000$ in their trust account before even commencing any work. I was also told it would cost me about 50000$ if the case goes to court. I was crestfallen when I came across lawbank. Luckily for me my lawbank solicitor sent a very strong letter that ended the matter then and there. I did never hear from my wife again.
John Cravis
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Great experience
I work in the construction industry. A real estate agent asked me to fix some bench tops and renovate the kitchen. After finishing the job, I never got paid and the solicitors firm quoted me money that I couldn't afford. I came across lawbank for small and medium business and became a member. I was alloted a solicitor who knew what he was doing and he manged to negotiate and get me 90% of the money owed. I am extremely happy with their services.
Vikram Singh
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